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Richard M. Huber graduated magna cum laude in history from Princeton and earned his doctorate in American Studies at Yale. He is the author of The American Idea of Success, republished in paperback, which is considered to be the standard work on the subject. Dr. Huber is the editor of over 30 books. He has received numerous honors, awards, and fellowships for scholarship and writing. His most recent book is How Professors Play the Cat Guarding the Cream: Why We're Paying More and Getting Less in Higher Education.

Dr. Huber has observed American life from an unusually wide range of activities. He has taught at Princeton University, served as dean of continuing education at Hunter College in New York, moderated several television series on public affairs, and managed his own business enterprise. He initiated one of the early talk-show radio programs. The subject was American values with at least one member of the clergy participating in the panel discussions.

Dr. Huber is a member of the Society of American Historians and is chronicled in Who’s Who in America. He serves on the Council of the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

The United States Information Agency has sent Dr. Huber to Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, and New Zealand to lecture and conduct press interviews on American domestic issues and foreign affairs. Widely traveled in Europe, he most recently visited Senegal in West Africa to lecture on U.S. education as an expression of American values.

Dr. Huber offered regular workshops at the Foreign Service Institute of the State Department for over a decade. The workshops were designed to help American foreign service officers, while serving in their posts overseas, explain U.S. foreign policy and interpret American society to critical foreign audiences.

In preparation are two books, both in a conversational format, designed for Americans living and working overseas who must answer anti-American criticisms of American society and United States foreign policy. The one is "No Race Left Behind: A Conversation with a Skeptical World about Racism in America" and the other is "Yankee Go Home but Take Me with You: Answering Criticisms of American Society and Foreign Policy."

The father of three children, Dr. Huber lives in Washington, DC.

Selected Works

1. American History
The American Idea of Success
"Keenly relevant...provides a fascinating perspective."
--Wall Street Journal
2. Non-fiction
How Professors Play the Cat Guarding the Cream: Why We’re Paying More and Getting Less in Higher Education
Research universities neglect undergraduates in a dysfunctional conflict of interest between teaching and research.
3. Essay

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